Monday, November 30, 2009

Sketch: "Machete"

This is a sketch for a kind of heavy blues funk song, for my band The New Loutonians.

Channeling a little Deep Purple, Wolf Mother, etc. I wanted to play some drums myself, as I bought a cheap acoustic kit some months back. This was partly an excuse to rock out!

Luke Gerard, the singer of The New Loutonians, pumped out some psychedelic 60's vocals in about 30 minutes!

Listen to Machete
or download Machete.mp3 (3 mb)

Sketch: "Public Bitchiness Program"

This is a sketch for a new song for my band The New Loutonians.

I wanted to try some slap bass.
I'd like to get good at playing slap bass, without sounding like a wanker.
I think it works OK in this song!

Listen to Public Bitchiness Program

Made of Dirt

This is a track that I made on my new organ, the Farfisa 257R.
My friend Brendan improvised some cracker vocals over it.

Listen to Made of Dirt
or download Made of Dirt.mp3 (13mb)