Monday, October 19, 2015

Murray Lorden VS The World

Eat this in your ear face.  Boom!

Listen to Murray Lorden VS The World...

or download MurrayLordenVsTheWorld.mp3 (6mb)

I made this song after watching Scott Pilgrim VS The World.  

I loved the Sex Bobombs jam session in the intro titles.  Awesome.  

Had to do my whole own take on it.

Beer was involved.

I loved how they were just jamming out in a suburban living room, and calling out the changes to each other and stuff.  Fun and raw, and reminded me of that special jam room vibe amongst friends.

I wanted to emulate that but as a stylistic conceit on my own in my bedroom.  Because...  well you know, I'm not a cool young teenager anymore with "friends" and things like that.