Sunday, January 10, 2010

Synth Punk / Electro Punk / New Wave

Here's a quick look at some Synth Punk (also known as Electro Punk), and other New Wave genres. I'm loving it...

I want to make a synth punk new wave band!
* High energy fast drums
* Tight funk punk bass
* Catchy rough vocals
* Snappy guitar melodies and riffs
* Add fat dancey synth action!

These post punk genres had a fairly fleeting lifespan from around '77 - '84, and many bands popped up and disappeared again...

Many of these bands sound so contemporary now, because many bands in the last few years have brought back the stylings of these guys.

I think bands like Cut Copy and CSS are very reminiscent of these bands.
Flight of the Conchords also have many songs inspired by this era of music.

Here's a few gems that have particularly inspired me!

Check out High Pressure Days '79...

and inight...

Dow Jones and the Industrials

Can't Stand the Mid West

Ain't Good Enough

I love Damaged Goods.