Friday, December 11, 2009


I love the band Fugazi.
Joe Lally is an inspiration as a bassist, and he once wrote me back a letter when I was a teenager - a postcard with the guys on it, with beards drawn on them. I loved that.
I started watching some videos with Ian MacKaye and the other guys in it.
I thought these interviews seemed very relevant to my life, and to my band, at the moment. So I wanted to post them here… The words of Ian MacKaye often help clarify things for me. Break away the haze before my eyes and help me see more clearly.
This one starts with a weird montage of questions from the interviewer, but gets to a lot of good stuff from Ian…

Reminds me of how I used to love going to the EVs gigs, because it felt kinda like this whole wild ecosystem there. I was kinda scared of all the hustling and bustling, and yet it felt like home, like a jungle with animals in it, instead of a ruled out sort of life that was outside of that place.
This is an interesting one about live gigs, and the crowd reactions…
Another corker – on what looks to be a very funny and interesting show…
Ian says some pretty awesome stuff. I love the way he sums stuff up, and makes metaphors. Gold.