Friday, June 1, 2012


Tambo is a jam-band I put together with a bunch of friends.

The idea was to throw off the weight & commitment of being in a "proper band".

Tambo existed for us to improvise in a jam space, and that was it!  

No gigs.  No rehearsals!

The magic happened in the moment.

No trying to re-play past songs, or perform like a human playback machine.

Tambo was a tonic against these things, and was purely inspired by good times for us as friends and musicians.

At the time (and still!), I was loving the music of acts like Budos Band, Menahan Street Band, Beastie Boys instrumentals, and blaxploitation soundtracks.

You can listen to the YouTube playlist


Or the Bandcamp album

"Fearless Faceless Cowboys" was the third jam session, and I thought it came out the best overall, and made us all smile from ear to ear.

Even many years later I'm very proud of it and enjoy listening myself!  

I enjoy listening to it much more so than listening back to my other bands' painstakingly recorded albums!

It's one live jam session recorded to 4 track cassette, and mixed a day later straight from the 4-track, through a string of effects running through the AUX sends. Enjoy.

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