Wednesday, August 28, 2013


A song I made a while ago. Thought I would do more to it. But after listening to it many hundreds of times since, it's now one of my favourite things I've made. And I don't think it needs any more tinkering.  :)

Listen to Harrisonville...
or download Harrisonville.mp3 (15mb)

I've often listened to it while working, as it provides a catchy consistent drone of beatsy pop fuzz under whatever I'm working on. Great way to block out the noise and chatter at a cafe while hipsterfying your life on your laptop or iPad. It makes me feel good. Hope you enjoy it too.

It's called Harrisonville because George Harrison put a capo on the 7th fret when playing "Here Comes the Sun", and I thought I'd try something with the capo on 7, and this is what came out.  :) Thanks George. You were a real winner.

Features my own creation, the Fuzboz pedal, recorded into the Korg CR4  cassette recorder.

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