Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4Track: Miasm & Clavbassics

After stumbling upon Murgatroyd Humpadink's tape machine, I decided to investigate further.  Being a musician myself, I thought I'd try doing some four track recording myself.

Listen to Clavbassics (Solid BBoys)
or download Clavbassics.mp3 (5mb)

I made purchase of a Yamaha MT120 via the ever fruitful eBay...
...and laid down some Roland 606 drum beats, runnin' 'em in nice and hot.
...then added some Nord Electro clavichord, and Gonzales bass.

Once I was happy with the bass and clav, it was time to mix the song.  
I sent the AUX output to a Biyang Triverb and my Line 6 Echo Park.
I also messed with the tape speed on the fly.  I basically wanted to expose myself to the sorts of things you can do when you're using a totally analog bits of gear, instead of tapping and clicking away on a computer.

After spending a bit of time in the digital multitracking domain, it was really nice to use an analog desk with hands on all the faders, panners, and auxiliary sends.  

I did a bunch of mixes of each of the two songs, trying different tape speeds and effects during each mix.  Here's two versions of "Miasm" below...

Listen to Miasm (Monolith Burgers Eating Lounge)

or download Miasm (Monolith Burgers).mp3 (5mb)

Listen to Miasm (Welcome to my Echo Den)

or download Miasm (Echo Den).mp3 (5mb)

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