Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sketch: Hard Square

Whipped up this rough drum n bass song last night...

Listen to Hard Square (Solid Mix)

or download Hard Square (Solid Mix).mp3 (5mb)

I played the drums, guitar, bass and synth into my four track recorder at 4.8 speed, and doubled it for the mixdown.  It's nice doing stuff on the four track, and limiting yourself to four tracks, and the song's done!  Keeps things simple, and lets you just do sketches, in stead of getting carried away and tinkering away for hours with layers and layers of sounds, and infinitesimal editings.

I used the Breakbeats sounds on the TD20.  I really like those vinyl sounding samples.  Pretty much the whole song came out of the sound of that kit.  I sat down for a quick drum during a moment when all the housemates were out, and I immediately loved the sound of that Breakbeats kit.  I decided to record a quick song on the four track.  I messed with the tape speed, and went, "Woahh!  There's that cool drum n bass sound, when you double the speed of the drums", and the rest all went from there.

Because I halved the speed while recording, I had to try to play especially deep so that it maintained bass phatness when sped up again.  So I played the song in Dm, detuned the bass' E to a D, and played the synth really really low and deep, so that once it was sped up, it sounded pretty much like a normal octave phat bass sound.  I've learnt a bit while doing this quick song, so I'd like to do some more, and really make it sweet!  There's definitely some lamoid bits in this one, where I stuff up a beat, or just get the lengths of sections wrong because I was playing slowish, and I would lose track of counting bars and things!

Here's another mix I did, with a bit more crazy effects...

Listen to Hard Square (Mad Caps Revenge)

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