Sunday, September 12, 2010


I recorded this song at Ruffy homestead on our birthday weekend in June to try out my new Watkins Copicat Tape Delay!

Listen to Risco...
or download Risco.mp3 (9mb)

I bought the Copicat for a bargain price of about $120 on eBay, hoping that it might work!  Alas, it did not.  But the lovely Mario from Broadcast Workshop in North Melbourne went to work on it, and got it all working nicely!  Thanks Mario!  It cost me another $300 there including a big roll of tape for making my own tape loops.  I'm happy!  I just wish it was a Varispeed unit.  And I'd love to try a Valve model one day.

I like to make my own tape loops, then bash them up, thus producing a warbled fluttering sound on the echoes.

Everything went through the Copicat!  Bass, guitar, and the 606 drums (which also went through my QTron envelope follower, which I tweaked as it went down).

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