Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Book of Ships: ...Aagh (Thneed Remix)

I'm playing bass with The Book of Ships, a band lead by David McCarthy.  Hailing from Newcastle, David also produces records for the likes of Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants, and Kira Puru, among many others.

We've recently been touring up the coast to Sydney, Newcastle and beyond.  It was also my pleasure to do a remix of the album single, "...Aagh".  Here it is!

Listen to ...Aagh (Thneed Remix)
or download ...Aagh (Thneed Remix).mp3 (6mb)

I dubbed it the Thneed Remix, because it's what everyone needs!  I loved The Lorax story, by Dr Seuss, when I was growing up.  I recently bought copies of the book for my good friends' kids for Christmas!  Spread the message of the Lorax!

Here's some other links about The Book of Ships...

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The official ...Aagh music video

...Aagh (Fishing Remote Tropixxx Remix)


  1. David hails from Dubbo, not Newcastle.

  2. True, true, Anonymous. I guess I simply meant that he "most recently hails from Newcastle". And certainly, my connection with him has been that of a person who has been recently living and creating music in Newcastle, and then bringing it to me. :)

    But yes, indeed! He originally hails from Dubbo!


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