Sunday, January 2, 2011

Empty Sea Disco

Listen to Empty Sea Disco...
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You're my isotope
My last hope
My love dope
My dreamgirl
No joke.

I went up to Ruffy for a few days with dear and inspiring friends Jim Batt and Kim Boekbinder, between Christmas and New Years.  We ate amazing food, picked raspberries, relaxed, drank a bit, and I made some tunes.  Here's one of them!

I started with the Roland 606 drum machine, running through my Watkins Copicat tape echo, then through an overdrive, delay and reverb...

Then I played my Fender Precision Bass through my Ibanez SB7 Bass Synth pedal to get the main part of the song.  I also used the Behringer Reverb Machine (RV600) for the Space Echo, which always makes me think of some sort of strange angel choir, and the Line 6 Echo Park for it's nice Sweep Filter Delay.  I also used the Reverse Delay setting.

Then I used my Rocktron Talkbox with my Phantom Guitar to do some sort of vocals, that also stood as a guitar lead.  

Then I added some glockenspiel, and some normal bass, and slap bass parts, and edited it all into something more manageable once I got home!

Listen with your stereo set to phat.  
Good walking music.

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