Friday, July 22, 2011

You Hold Up My Sky

Listen to You Hold Up My Sky...
or download You Hold Up My Sky.mp3 (6mb)

Murray sings.  Yes indeed.  This song is just waiting to become a number 1 hit.  Just need to pull together Murray and the Magic Tones.  Anyone?

A song I recorded yonks and yonks ago, and have never quite felt is "complete".

But I reckon it's rad, and can't be assed working on it any more.  That's how punk I am.  Yo.  Eat it.

I think of it as a Sonic Youth Love Song.  I enjoy that sort of dirty pop naivity.

I used Talkbox on bass, which was fun.  Bammed out some loud drums, and saturated those little bitches.  Um, evil Jim Dunlop Bass Wah on the guitar for those nasty chorus swells.

I dug up some old photos from the session, January 2010.

I asked Yoda for some feedback.
"More harmonies in the chorus, it needs."

Yes, I must agree, the chorus is lacking a bit.

"A solo in the bridge, it needs."

Yes, Yoda!  Okay, okay.  Jeez.
I will do more work on it one day.


  1. The Muzocratic dialogues...

    "Chorus is a bit weak Muz."

    "Yeah, I know Muz."

  2. Anyone game to throw a solo over the bridge part? It always needed a solo! :) Synth? Guitar? Therumin? I'd be keen to upload any entrants! :)


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