Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Crim Crimeny" - Dubby Copicat

If you need a dubby journey into the somewhat paranoid subconscious of Murray's Collingwood lair, look no further... You have found it here, complete with tape delay, piano, and yes, flute!

Listen to Crim Crimeny Dub...
or download Crim Crimeny Dub.mp3 (13mb)

I dusted off the Yamaha 4 Track recorder, and recorded this little piece, not really knowing where I was headed once again.  Started with 606 drum beat through my Copicat IC400 Varispeed, for a dubby beat.  Then added Piano through the Copicat delay, then Guitar with Foxx Fuzz Wah, then finally, Flute through Copicat.

A flute I bought from up the road for $90 on Smith St.

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