Saturday, September 12, 2009

Guitar Tune

It's a malancholy number, but it brought me hope.

It was the first song I recorded into my computer, back in about 2003 or something.

Listen to Guitar Tune

or download Guitar Tune.mp3 (3mb)

I'd just bought my first mixing desk from Cash Converters, brought it home, and recorded all the instruments I could find!

With the new powers this little mixing desk gave me, I felt confident to actually do multitrack recording on the computer.

I recorded them one after another! Acoustic guitar, hand drums, bass, harmonicas!

It proved to me that I could multitrack record, and yeah, now it's one of my favorite songs I've done. Chilled out. Wistful, I guess.

And it's always just been called "Guitar Tune". It really deserves a name! But I suppose it is a sort of archetype for me. :)

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