Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Bedroom

Well, there's a lot of things I want to post up here, so let's get started! I'm starting off by "setting the scene", and posting a few pieces of music I've made recently.

Here's a few photos of my bedroom as it was this morning!

I just bought this Farfisa electric organ on eBay for AUD$51. It's got some pretty classic sounds, especially the crazy rhythm section machine. I just started working on a song using the mighty Farfisa last night. Shall post it when it's done!

I'm getting into pianos and organs lately! I can't really play the keyboard, but I'm intent on learning. My grandmother has always had a grand piano in her lounge room, and my brothers and I would play it as kids, and I always loved the sound of it, just dabbling away on it. And I was always drawn to the deep bass notes! I'm now trying to teach myself chords, and generally learning how to play the keyboard! Hence all the keyed instruments!

I bought this piano on eBay for about AUD$350. My room is getting a bit crowded.

I've got an electronic drum kit (Roland TD6), and I'm getting better at the drums. 

You can also see my Tibetan Singing Bowls on top of the piano, next to the trusty Yalumba Classic Dry Red. :)

This is a pump organ I just bought for AUD$76 on eBay. 

 It doesn't have the archaeological pizzazz of my older pump organ (which I've now lent to a friend), but at least it's tuned to A440, so I can play along with other instruments! 

I hope to post some work done with this soon for a new project I'm working on with a collection of friends! To be revealed soon!

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